Thursday, February 14, 2013

When Harry met Sally, NJ style

NJ-Harry met NJ-Sally in college. (Which was located in, you guessed it, NJ)  She had big hair. He was all "Hey, dude, how you doin?" They listened to the same music and started to hang out together. NJ-Harry liked NJ-Sally. And why shouldn't he? She was cool and he liked her attitude (which goes without saying). However, NJ-Sally liked him more than NJ-Harry liked her. He toyed with her emotions. He ran hot and cold. One minute he was sweet and into her and the next he was distant and unfeeling. It frustrated NJ-Sally and hurt her. Actually it stabbed her in the heart and she often wanted to grab him by the balls and squeeze just so he could know the pain she felt.

Then NJ-Harry graduated.  As NJ-Sally finished her final year of school, NJ-Harry would continue to pop in and out of her life. Yeah, I know. (insert eye-roll here) Eventually they lost contact, thanks in large part to him.

So, NJ-Harry and NJ-Sally went their separate ways. Each got married and started a family. Neither one ever gave the other any thought. Well, maybe just in quick passing.  

Fast-forward 20 years......

One day, on a well-known social media website, and thanks to NJ-Sally's, nosy but well-intentioned friend and former college roommate, contact was initiated between NJ-Sally and NJ-Harry.  It was along the lines of  "hey dude, how's it going?" and a quick catch-up. Nothing more and nothing less. NJ-Sally didn't expect anything else cause she was so over him at this point.

Then, three years later and just for the hell of it, NJ-Sally commented on something NJ-Harry had written. A few comments more passed between them and a conversation began. A long, continuous one that involved some reminiscing, updates on life, and many apologies (on NJ-Harry's part). About friggin' time, right?

Anyway, they started to stay in touch and bada bing bada boom, a true friendship between them has been born. Unlike their namesakes, NJ-Harry and NJ-Sally liked one another at first.  And now they've come full circle. They still share a love of music. Oh, and NJ-Sally is still cool and has more attitude than ever. NJ-Harry still finds this endearing.

So, was this meant to be, as some people seem to think? If you believe in Fate, then maybe these two needed time apart in order to mature before reuniting. 

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