Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crazy, busy work week

Hello readers! Hello? Hello...hello.  Echo...echo echo.

crickets chirping...

Hello crickets!


Oh great, now even the crickets are ignoring me.

Okay, so I have been crazy, busy lately. And here's why: I got this temporary gig.  No, not singing. Or playing guitar. I do play drums sometimes with whatever pens, pencils or sticks are in my hand at that moment. Oh and they do call me a rock star at the office but, I digress.

I'm doing some in-house work but I can't say where. You know, if I tell you then I have to kill you and all that. But since you haven't annoyed me or cut me off in traffic you don't deserve to die so let's leave it all a mystery. So, I've been doing this short stint for this company, which ends Friday. Then it's back to the same ol' same ol.

I've missed my computer time. Which loosely translates to writing and researching topics and in no way includes pinning things on Pinterest, chatting with people or playing games. Nooo! I'm a serious worker bee when I'm in my home office. Why the husband finds that last part so funny is beyond me.

In all seriousness, I should have more frequent posts once I get back to my normal routine. I did write one the other night but I need to clean it up before publishing it on here because apparently I make even less sense than usual when I'm really tired. Who knew?

Until next time, friends...


  1. Hello! A gig? I admit my first thought was "Cocktail Singer in a jazz club".

    1. Shhhh! That's my alter ego, Lola's gig. :D