Sunday, February 24, 2013

To sleep, perchance to dream

Here is the post I wrote the other night. You know, the one I mentioned while explaining my crazy, busy week? The one I wrote while being super tired and needed to clean up before publishing it on here? Yes, yes, that one.

I was on this highly educational website and I came across something interesting. And by highly educational I mean Pinterest. And when I say interesting, I really mean creepy.

There was this quote: If you can't fall asleep, it means you're awake in someone else's dream.

Well, thank you very much person dreaming about me. Because of you, I am lying awake here when I should be sleeping. Remind me to kick your damn sleeping ass next time you drag me into one of your dreams.

I would also like to point out how disturbing this quote is as well. I mean, would me being in someone else's dream qualify as kidnapping in some way? I am kinda there not of my own free will because I'd rather be sleeping but I can't because I have to go be in someone's dream.

It's almost like a job in a way. I have to go be somewhere else and I really don't want to. And I'm not even getting paid for this nocturnal visit!  And let's not even discuss why I'm there in the first place and what I'm doing. In some cases me being in someone's dream could certainly be considered a nightmare.

At least I hope that I'm wearing a kick-ass outfit and looking awesome in whoever's dream I'm in. Then again, I'd rather not know. I shudder to think about what goes on in some people's heads, let alone their subconscious while they're sleeping. 

My advice?

Go to sleep and leave me be! I have my own dreamy weirdness to deal with.


  1. I seriously just sat there for thirty seconds thinking about how creepy that concept is.

    1. I know!!!! It's like mind-freak meets Nightmare on Elm Street.