Friday, February 22, 2013

I blame the radio

This morning I had to go all the way across town. And by all the way I mean I schlepped to the east side, past Fremont Street. I live in the southwest area just to give you some vague idea. Vegas is a huge city and more than that one long road familiarly known as 'The Strip'.

I had my route all mapped out and was happily on my way. Music wasn't an issue as the radio was cooperating for once and playing some decent songs, at first. And then it all went south. This is despite the fact that I was indeed heading north.

As I got closer to the downtown area the signs started getting confusing and then the music being played was getting crappier. I have musical A.D.D. as it is and I can't stand being in a car and hearing bad music so I'm constantly switching stations for something I like. So there I was, changing channels and in my distraction I missed my turn off and ended up on another highway. Oh crap.

Then the radio mocked me by playing some cool music and naturally I had to lower the volume because what's the first thing you do when you get lost or find yourself going the wrong way? You lower the volume. Thankfully I recognized streets and was able to turn myself around and get to my destination.

For this unnecessary inconvenience I blame the radio. And also the people who designed the freeway and their confusing signage. How I went from exit 76 on one freeway to exit 41 on another highway, I'll never know. I was supposed to get off on exit 75A but I never saw that exit unless I passed it while looking down at the radio dials and cursing the DJs.

The moral of the story: Bring a cd of music you thoroughly enjoy so you can spend more time watching the road signs and less time song-hunting on the radio. Unless you're like me and end up fast-forwarding through lesser enjoyable songs or switching cd's whilst driving. (That takes skill I might add).