Thursday, August 28, 2014

Busy, but not too busy for sweets

I've been busy. I'm sorry. Here, have a brownie...with powdered sugar on top. No, that isn't a bribe. But, is it working?

Okay, so school started on Monday. And then Tuesday was Chris's birthday. There's been notebooks and pencils and folders to buy. And cake to eat. And parental forms to fill out. And more cake. And homework to help with. But no more cake cause we ate it all.  ::boo boo face::

I've also been on some weird organizing/cleaning kick, which explains the neatnik status of my kid's room and also my closet. Still haven't gotten around to last school year's mess of papers and notebooks but I've concealed it nicely so it looks more like organized chaos and less like a school-nado ran through.

I've also got a touch of the blues, which might have something to do with summer ending. Even though our weather will stay summer-warm through September (Groundhog Summer), I still feel like it's a formal ending since Chris is back at school. So, with that in mind, I haven't felt much like blogging, despite having a notebook full of blogging ideas that practically write themselves, not to mention several drafts that need finishing.

I promise to get my butt in gear and post more. But first, more brownies! mmm good!


PS: This is an image I borrowed. I did not bake these. Although, now I wish I did.


  1. I personally feel ya on the school-nado! I still have a ton-load of school work, projects, homework, books, pamphelets etc etc from last year and that was only with one child. I feel like my house is going to be taken over this year with TWO of them in school. :)

    1. Kinda resembles the back-to-school aisle in Wal-Mart, right? Good luck with double the school chaos!

    2. Yes, only that hasn't been stocked well and is overflowing in surplus inventory. haha...Thank you! and to you as well. :D