Sunday, September 1, 2013

About me

For school last week, Little Man's teacher had them do an assignment in which they create a "brochure" titled, About Me. It's a classroom ice-breaker that helps the classmates learn a little something about one another.

So, I figured I'd post something of the same here. Just in case you'd like to know more about me. If not, run far and fast away. Or, just stay where you are and disregard this post.

5 of my favorite things:

My favorite color: Pink, although I sometimes gravitate towards blues and greens for some inexplicable reason.

My favorite food: Pizza! Especially if it's from back East, otherwise it's some not-so-close Vegas replica.

My favorite (non-alcoholic) beverage: Pepsi. Sprite is a close second if the eatery only serves Coke.

My favorite Vegas hotel: The Palazzo. It's gorgeous.

My favorite author: Anne Rice. Enough said.

What you might be surprised to know:

I once learned how to speak conversational Klingon. What? So I'm a SciFi geek. Sadly, I had no one else to converse with so I forgot most of what I learned except for a few phrases I retained from Star Trek movies or episodes. Oh, and "Qapla'" which of course translates into "Success".

 I don't own a lot of clothes or shoes. I know this calls into question my whole female being, it's just that I don't like shopping all that much, at least not for myself. And now, all of womandom is a little less brighter because of this admission. Anyway, I can shop and buy for anyone else. And by the way, why is it when I'm on a mission to buy for someone else I can usually find things I like but when I'm there specifically for me I come up empty-handed? The Shopping Gods mock me!

Anything else is not a surprise because I've probably already mentioned it here somewhere. Or at least I will at some point in the future. Feel free to add your own 5 things or what I don't know about you.

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