Monday, September 30, 2013

What? Me? Post for an entire month?

Apparently so. You see, even before joining NaBloPoMo I thought to myself, "Whoa! How cool and fun would it be to post for the entire month of October? I could write about all things Fall-ish and Halloweenie. Yeah!"  And then, just to put some additional pressure on me I joined National Blog Posting Month. (See badge on right --> Little lower. Yep, there)

I know I mentioned it last year. But this time I have many ideas and thoughts rolling around in my head. This is where my loving husband would comment about all those thoughts and ideas having plenty of room to roll around. Ha! I beat you to it, Dude!  Anyway, at least I'll try. Don't completely hold me to it. My ambitions are sometimes bigger than my follow-thru. Kinda like when you're eyes are bigger than your stomach because that burger and fries combo looked so good on the menu but in reality the burger is not your typical size and even though you thought you wouldn't eat all of the fries, they were just a little crispy the way you like them and before you know it you've hit the wall. Moral of the story: Decrease the portion size of lofty goals.

I've tried to be a better blogger this month. I just hope I don't crap out in October and get thrown out of the NaBloPoMo blog roll. Can they really do that? Great googily moogily that would be embarrassing.

Anyway, their theme for the month is Fall (not just the season but the act of falling and all that goes with it). I'm not going to follow it all that closely because I'm a rebel and well, like I mentioned above I have some ideas for posts.

I've never written posts for an entire month before. Naturally I would choose one with 31 days as opposed to say - February with only 28. This should be fun. I just hope I remember that when it's day 17 and I'm sitting in a corner eating my hair and rocking back and forth mumbling "I have nothing to write."

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