Thursday, September 19, 2013

It never gets old, at least not to me

Sometimes when I need to google something and I'm typing in a hurry I write "goggle" instead of "google". And it makes me giggle. All the dang time.

It never gets old.

There are few things in my life that no matter how many times they happen, or I make them happen, I end up laughing. They're silly and stupid and might make the average person roll their eyes but they give me a chuckle and since I am silly and stupid and not your average person that's really all that matters. Unless you're Bill. Then you just sit there resigned in your silence and patiently wait until your immature wife is finished.

For example, every now and then when we're sitting together I hold my finger close to Bill's arm, or face and I say, "I'm not touching you." This usually elicits the same response from him: He closes his eyes for a minute, lets out a deep sigh and shakes his head. Sometimes I say it again, and laugh. If he's in a good mood he might play along and pretend to chomp on my finger. If we're bickering, because my childishness knows no bounds even during inappropriate moments like an argument,  he'll reply in his oh-so-droll way, "Good for you." 

A couple other things that never get old: When the soda bottle pops out from someone squeezing it while pouring, I always say, "Ow! Someone shot me." And when there's a loud bang or tapping I always say, "Come in." And then I follow up with "That never gets old." Which of course, Bill disagrees with. Although I think he secretly finds my antics funny and is laughing on the inside. Maybe I'm the missing 4th Stooge. Shemp doesn't count because he replaced Curly. I'll have to goggle that.

PS: I mistyped google on purpose just in case you were wondering. And yes, I giggled when I typed it.

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