Wednesday, September 18, 2013

To wear or not to wear: Edition 4

I don't shop at the House of Style and my couture is far from haute but every now and then I have to stop and shake my head at some fashion choices. Join me as I once again ask, To wear or not to wear?

Earlier this week I was in our neighborhood Walgreens when I heard the familiar 'flip flip flip' of shoes. I was surprised to see a young guy come around the corner into my aisle wearing said flip flop shoes. Men, men, men, how many times must I say that unless you are at a pool or on a beach or in your own domicile, do not wear flip flops. No one wants to look at your ugly man feet. At least he wasn't wearing socks with them. Why men do that I'll never know.

Guys in skinny jeans are a bad idea. While I applaud your thin physique in a weight-obsessed world, I think your denim choice is wrong-o! You look like a skinny-assed crack-head. It's an unattractive look. Ladies like a guy in snug Levi's. Think Chris Hemsworth as Thor cooking breakfast for Natalie Portman. Yeah, now do you see? Leave the skinny jeans to us women. We wear it better, especially when paired with a cute pair of boots or some sexy heels.

This summer when we were out bowling with Chris I watched a young woman several lanes away struggle to bowl and still maintain her dignity. Why? Because she was wearing a babydoll dress that revealed a split all its own every time she threw the ball. Despite how many times she pulled on the hem, the blasted thing wouldn't grow any longer. Lesson to be learned: Always ask where you are going ahead of time so you can dress accordingly.

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