Tuesday, October 1, 2013


First blog post of National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo)! So far, so good. Also, it's October! Yay! Or, as one classic rock station back in NY would call it, Rocktober. For me, it's not officially Fall until October hits because you could still have those Dog Days of Summer in September. This is even more the case in Las Vegas where we call the still lingering summery days, "Groundhog Summer".

Once October rolls around we start decorating for Halloween. We'll hold off on buying a pumpkin (or two) for a couple more weeks.Yeah, right. There's this local company that sets up pumpkin patches (think: Christmas tree lot) with games and rides. One of those rides is a bungee cord/trampoline jumping thing which Chris loves. I prefer good ol' terra firma. They also have the bounce houses and huge, inflatable slides. I can usually be found sitting on a bale of hay (which by the way, is hard and itchy on the butt), watching him have fun and eating some funnel cake because what else would I be doing? Oh that's right, I'll also be taking part in the obligatory people-watching. I don't judge, but I do laugh. Hey ladies, if you want to teeter around and risk falling as you follow your little one around an unpaved lot strewn with hay in your too-high wedged heels, go ahead. No judgment here. I can't promise the same for the pointing and laughing though.


  1. Your post made me smile. This last weekend, our family went to a Renaissance Festival - you know, dirt, cobblestone paths, mud puddles. We saw a woman dressed as some sort of dark elfin creature. 'Lots of skin showing. She was wearing - no kidding - 5-6 inch stilletos.

    Good luck this month.

    1. Aw shucks, I'm glad you smiled. I love Ren Faires! As for what people wear...sometimes I just scratch my head. And laugh.