Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holidays aren't supposed to be perfect

It never fails. No matter how organized or planned out you are, there's always something that gets forgotten. And so it goes that today, the day before Thanksgiving, I was at the local grocery store picking up that one those two several things that were still needed for tomorrow's meal.

I don't mind. In fact I expect it. It's as inevitable as burning dinner rolls or someone spilling something on the table linen during dinner. I always say, it's not a successful meal until someone spills something or ends up eating on their clothes. Unless you dripped sauce on your shirt because that's messy and stains instantly. So does hot chocolate. We won't talk about how I know this.

But these things make great stories for all the Thanksgivings to come. And as long as you are surrounded by good friends and family who don't mind a little mess and there's something delicious (or at least edible) to eat tomorrow, then that's all that matters. Unless you're the turkey.


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