Monday, November 17, 2014

Thanks-for-giving such laughs

We're coming down the homestretch to Thanksgiving so I wanted to share some turkey day funnies. This first one should appeal to anyone who's ever been elbow deep in a turkey's butt trying to grab the giblets and gizzards found in there.


I'd rather sit at the kid's table quite personally. There, you don't have to partake in boring grown-up conversation. And you get to throw peas at the other kids and tell fart jokes and laugh until someone yells at you to "keep it down". Wait a minute. I still tell fart jokes and laugh even now at the adult table. Nevermind.


And of course, the Peanuts Gang.


I once worked with a girl who didn't like turkey. Come to think of it, I don't think she ate any poultry. Anyway, for Thanksgiving, her Italian grandma would cook lasagna specifically for her.  This would be considered a win-win for the birds and anyone who doesn't eat birds because if you've ever eaten lasagna homemade by an Italian grandmother you would know my co-worker wasn't missing out much on the traditional foods.


  1. I don't particularly like turkey that much either, so we always have ham too! Thanks for the laughs :)

    1. I'm sure Woodstock would thank you. You're welcome!