Friday, November 7, 2014

The weather is 78 degrees but Baby It's Cold Outside

I've had the song,  "Baby It's Cold Outside" going through my head for days. Also, it's been 78 degrees all week. I can explain. I'm not someone who shivers and grabs a sweater the minute the mercury dips below 80. I have, however, been listening to Christmas music because I want to add to the full onslaught of early Christmas this year. I'm taking a "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" approach.

I know it seems like every year Christmas is thrust on us earlier and earlier but usually it's like a slow leak until around Thanksgiving when it becomes a huge flood of Tis the Season. But this year is different. It's like I told a friend of mine the other day, Halloween is barely cold in the ground and already everyone's gone Christmas. Makes me feel bad for Thanksgiving, like we're giving it the bum's rush. But if you check your calendar you'll see that Thanksgiving is late this year. It occurs on the last week of November. And Christmas is three and a half weeks later so we're not even getting the full 4 weeks which might explain why the stores and Hallmark Channels jumped the Yuletide gun before the trick-or-treaters even had a chance to go door-to-door.

It doesn't, however, explain why this of all Christmas songs, is stuck in my head. Catchy lyrics? An evil ear worm? I might never know why and maybe it's best to leave it at that. But could someone explain the song's relevancy to Christmas? At no point during the song does it reference the holiday. In fact, this song could be sung at any point in the winter, like February. Don't get me wrong, I like this song and there's one rendition featuring  Harry Connick, Jr. which is smokin'. Go on, give it a listen.

Pretty cool (pun intended) version, amiright? But, no mention of Santa, elves or trees. And yet this song finds itself being played every year between Jingle Bells and Winter Wonderland during the Christmas season. Wait a minute, neither of these songs is about Christmas either. I give up. I better quit while I'm ahead or I'll have them stuck in my head and besides, I really can't stay...

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