Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Warm and fuzzy holiday memories

Today's writing prompt is difficult. It should be easy but it requires picking out one of an endless supply of choices. I like having choices but when there are so many it overwhelms me.
It's not like that with all things. Take for instance, shopping. If I'm in the market for a jacket,  I can walk into a store and flit around until I find a style I like. Then I pick a color and find my size and pray that it looks good on me. Unless it costs the same as a month's rent and then it goes back on the rack.

I do, however, prefer less options to choose from. If I'm at a wedding and the entree choices are chicken or beef, then I choose beef, thank you. See? Easy.

This brings me to the prompt for today which is, "What is your favorite holiday memory?"

How can I pick just one? That's like when someone asks me what is my favorite movie? Are you serious? I have literally hundreds! And there are, like, fifty holidays in a year so how can I even begin to  narrow it down to just one? I have so many wonderful and fabulous memories of all the different holidays and they all hold a special place in my heart.

I remember our first Halloween with Christopher and dressing him up in an orange onesie and a black mask that I hand-made. He looked so cute, even though he cried until I took the mask off.

Our first Christmas with him was one I will always treasure. And all the Christmases that have followed have been filled with wonder and magic because now I see the holiday through a child's eyes.

I remember hosting Thanksgiving at our house one year and Jack, our dog, tried to sneak some turkey off the kitchen table but got scared off by the rustling noise of the tin foil. 

Every holiday memory brings a smile. Whether it's coloring Easter eggs or setting off fireworks. Baking cookies or decorating the house. They remind me of the laughter, the joy, the warmth, and the happiness that was experienced.

So even though I can't pin down just one favorite holiday memory I can tell you one way they make me feel, which is warm and fuzzy. A little like that charcoal gray jacket I saw in the store two weeks ago which fits really well.

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