Wednesday, November 5, 2014

This blog may sound funny but that's just how I tawk

My blog has a voice and it's all me. I write the way I talk.
Not literally because then the previous sentence would have been, I write the way I tawk complete with  hand gestures and full on Jersey accent.


Seriously though, I try to write in a conversational tone. I want people to feel comfortable reading this and not like they need a dictionary or PhD to understand what I'm saying. Ya know?

I also enjoy reading similarly written blogs. Especially those where the blogger swears. That shit appeals to the NJ juvenile in me. I try not to swear a lot on here because I do have a potty mouth irl and I don't want to alienate readers. I'm practicing good manners on here, folks!

I love to laugh and poke fun at myself as often as I can on here, too. I try to be the verbal equivalent of slapstick humor. Sarcasm and snark are a big part of me and I hope that comes through on this blog. And my love of Pop Culture. And cookies!

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