Saturday, November 15, 2014

Jake and Jenny and Me and Bill

In between all the reality shows and the endless Christmas movies on the Hallmark channels, a few of my favorite movies have been on television recently. And even though I can quote them by heart I watch them, sometimes keeping them on as background noise that I refer to as I'm doing other random things on my computer but always following happily along.

Sixteen Candles was on yesterday. This movie makes me laugh (a lot) and cry a little. I liken Bill to the main male character. He's the guy worth waiting for who always comes to my rescue.

For the hundred-thousandth time, Forrest Gump is on TV, as I write this. I love this movie for its sweetness, its great soundtrack and the love story. Whenever I ask Bill why he loves me or why he's so good to me, his reply is:

Corny? Probably a little. Okay, a lot.  What can I say? We speak in movie quotes so it stands to reason that we should reference movie characters when describing our love story. Minus the fact  that Bill doesn't drive a red Porsche and I was never a flower child/hippie chick.

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