Sunday, October 13, 2013

13 non-scary Halloween movies

I realize that a non-scary Halloween movie is an oxymoron and while I'm not a big horror fan I can get into some scary movies like John Carpenter's classic "Halloween". For those who prefer less gore and more fun, here's a list of 13 of my favorite non-scary, no-need-to-keep-all-the-lights-on movies to watch around Halloween. Not all of them are centered around the holiday but it's they invoke the spirit of it.   

1. The Addams Family - Creepy, ooky and so much fun to watch. It's like viewing a home video of my own family only with less black and no hairy cousin.

2. Addams Family Values - Well, of course.

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas - What's this? The husband loves this movie so much that I actually bought him the soundtrack. Which he plays. Repeatedly throughout October.

4. Ghostbusters - This movie made paranormal investigation a house-hold name. It also gave way to some great one-liners. Sssh! Smell something?

5. Hocus Pocus - It's like the Three Stooges meets Bewitched. Amok! Amok! Amok!

6. Practical Magic - These are the kind of witches I can aspire to be. I mean seriously, who doesn't want to jump off their roof with an umbrella? And land safely?  There's also moody, broody Goran Visnjici as the hot baddie (or is that bad hottie?).

7. Hotel Transylvania - These are my people. I can totally relate to all of them because I know that I can be a monster at times, too.

8. Casper - The friendly ghost. Need I say more?

9. Corpse Bride - Tim Burton has a knack for making scary things fun. And my like of this movie has nothing to do with Johnny Depp voicing the male lead.

10. Beetlejuice -  I routinely scare the people in my home and I'm not even dead.

11. Monster House - A house that scares people to keep them away. I think I could live here happily. Or at least refer all the Jehovah's Witnesses there.

12. The Craft - All the things that can go wrong when bored teen girls get together. The most my girlfriends and I ever did at sleepovers was play 'Light as a feather, stiff as a board'. This ensured no dead bodies or bugs.

13. Gremlins - I'm sort of like an anti-gremlin in that I turn into a monster if you don't feed me, whether or not it's after midnight.

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