Saturday, October 5, 2013

Age does not apply

Every year I look forward to watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" almost as much as Linus looks forward to the Great Pumpkin's arrival. The way I see it, you're never too old for this. I have watched this Peanuts special every year since I was a children and having my son only renewed my love for this show. Oh sure Bill used to laugh, and poke fun at me when I would sit like a giddy little kid on the sofa and watch but often he sat and watched with me. Now he just smiles and puts up with it much like he does when I HAVE to watch "It's A Wonderful Life" every Christmas. (He's not a fan and I call him un-American for this.)

Maybe it brings me back to my own childhood, which isn't a stretch considering how childish child-like I still act. But what's not to love? You've got a bossy little girl who leads the gang and her naive, yet hopeful little brother. There's the unlucky little boy in his disastrous costume and his dog who engages the Red Baron in combat.

Yes, I know what happens. Yes, I can pretty much act out the entire 30 minutes (20 without commercials) by heart. But that won't stop me from tuning in. And if by some off-chance or cosmic mishap I do miss it on TV, I own the dvd. Because of course I want to watch it more than once during the season. It's The Peanuts!!!


  1. I'm with you ... it's an integral part of the season.

    1. Hello fellow Peanuts fan! I think it should be required viewing.