Saturday, October 19, 2013

Resurrecting Dracula

So much for posting everyday in October. I hit a wall. A blank wall and couldn't come up with any worthwhile to write, let alone have other people read. And I certainly didn't want to just post any old thing just for the sake of posting. Earlier today I was, again, at a loss for something to write.

And then I logged on to my aol account. And I saw a preview for this.  Which begs the question: Why is tonight the first I'm hearing about this new series? I swear sometimes I feel as if I live on the other side of the moon. The network, producers, whoever is in charge should be promoting the hell out of this! Who doesn't like a good Dracula re-telling? I, for one, love all things Count Drac related. Thank goodness I didn't miss this yet or else, blood would be shed.

I'm a big fan of legends, especially scary ones, which, I know, is odd considering what a fraidy cat I can be. It's kind of like how I can eat olive loaf but I don't like olives. Don't ask me, I already know I'm weird and that my tastes defy explanation. But seriously, I like reading and watching shows about them (the legends, not the olives). If my history classes had only incorporated more of the creepy I would have gotten better grades in school.Certainly couldn't have hurt.

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