Monday, October 7, 2013

Vegas-styled Halloween costumes

Here's something I wrote up last year and hoped to publish somewhere but I never quite got around to it. 

Where else can you walk down the street and see Spiderman standing next to a Darth Vader, who’s talking to Woody the Toy Story cowboy? Las Vegas of course! And that’s not even on Halloween.

Seriously, if you do plan to get your fright on this Halloween but you don’t want to do the zombie thing like everyone else, you can kick it old school Sin City style with these 6 Vegas-themed costume ideas. You may even want to go hang out on the Strip, although your costume might seem normal by comparison.

  1. Showgirl – All you need is high heels and a sequined outfit. Don’t forget the huge feathery headdress or you might be mistaken for a club-going tourist. Or a member of “Jersey Shore”.

  1. Elvis – Gold jacket, leather outfit or white jumpsuit. Because Elvis and Vegas go together like bacon and eggs. Just remember, you aren’t authorized to marry anyone. Walking a drunken bride down the aisle is acceptable.

  1. Any member of the Rat Pack – All you need is a suit and a cigarette. And a hat if you want to be Ol Blue Eyes. Or a tumbler filled with liquor for those dressing up as Dino.

  1. Old style mob figure – Another costume where just a natty suit is needed. And maybe a fake gun or two. You can also get creative and make it look like you took a few bullets. Two gunshots in the head and you could say you were Bugsy Siegel.

  1. Siegfried & Roy – Flamboyant outfits and a serious tan are all that’s needed with this. Since it is Halloween, you could make your neck all bloody looking and go as Roy when he was attacked. A tiger completes the outfit, however, you may want to consider a plush toy in lieu of the real thing because we all know how that turned out. 

  1. Wayne Newton – Slick your dark hair back, get a spray on tan, grab a microphone and you’re all set. Just watch out for financial creditors while crooning “Danke Schoen”.

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