Thursday, October 10, 2013

Goodbye shorts, hello sweaters

The weather is getting cooler and I have to face facts. It's time to put away my shorts and flip flops. In the words of Pooh: Oh bother! As the last of the warm weather sticks around I'm still dressing for summer and transitioning to capris on the cooler days. But before long it'll be time for pants and sweaters. Luckily I can get by with wearing a t-shirt for a bit longer.

While everyone else is all, Yay! I love my Fall wardrobe...cozy sweaters and leggings, I'm over here mourning my summer clothes. Seriously, there's nothing easier or more comfortable than throwing on a t-shirt or tank top, shorts and flip flops. And I'm all for convenience in clothing. I can practically roll out of bed and into some outfits. That is, if I lay them out ahead of time but let's face it, I'm not nearly that organized.

One thing I'm a little happy for is my boots because now I don't have to get all angsty over my toenails and the fact that I touched up my polish so they wouldn't look all chipped and scratched and now my toes look like they were painted by a crackhead going through withdrawal.

I used to have several pairs of boots all in black and brown because those colors go with everything and also I wanted to be sure that if someone died in the winter I had plenty of proper dark (and cool looking) footwear for the viewing/funeral. Sadly, some of them did not make it during the big move from New Jersey to Las Vegas and had to be given the boot. (a little shoe humor there)

I'm also looking (a bit) forward to wearing jeans again because they look awesome in boots despite how some women choose to dress. Boots and shorts? That's like the socks and sandals thing. But seriously, the right jeans can hide that little belly flab, especially when worn with a nice sweater. And let's not forget the King of all pants for the lazy woman...sweats! Nothing says "I'm comfortable and not doing much of anything today so, who cares?" like a pair of sweats. And there are some cute looking ones in assorted, other-than-grey colors, too, said the woman with three pairs of gray sweats in varying styles. Ah well, at least my sweaters have some color in them. This assures my mother that I'm not a Morticia Addams fashionista. Although, she had swag before it was cool.


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