Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Family togetherness through supernatural TV show viewing

Some families have 'Game Night' at their homes. Others have something like 'Taco Tuesdays'.  You know, normal families who come together at least once during the week for some gosh golly good ol' family fun.

Yeah well, we are totally not them. Most nights my kid is building (or fighting) in the online game "Minecraft", Bill is watching some 'Run for your life it's the end of the World' show, and I'm here doing important stuff like blogging and tweeting.

But! We come together every Monday night to watch "Sleepy Hollow". It's that family-friendly show about a headless horseman. At least it's friendly enough for my family.  What's creepy and weird to most is completely normal for us so I guess that makes us kinda like the "Addams Family". And just for the record, I wouldn't mind having a tall, psychotic-looking butler so long as he can reach the dishes on the top shelf of the cabinet for me.

So anyway, there we are every Monday evening, curled up in mine and Bill's bed to watch this show without any other technology-driven distraction. It's so "Leave it to Beaver" except in color. I just noticed there are a lot of pop culture references in this post. Also,I have never watched a single episode of "Leave it to Beaver" but I have watched every episode of  "The Addams Family" including both movies on more than one occasion. What does that mean, other than I'm a weirdo?

The moral of this post is: A family that watches supernatural television shows together should not keep the remote in the bed because someone will end up accidentally laying on it causing the channel to change and the other viewers to momentarily freak out yelling "What did you do?!" and "Change it back!!" several times quite loudly.

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