Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Things to do when you're stalled for writing ideas

Please bear in mind that these work (or don't) for me and your writer's block may vary. Also, this has absolutely nothing to do with NaBloPoMo, except that I am still (trying) to write each day for a month.

1. Focus your mind on intelligent website activities. And by intelligent I mean time-sucks like Pinterest or Candy Crush. Nothing engages my creativity like linking candy in a game or aimlessly pinning tips on how to better organize my life. Currently my pin boards are super organized. I'm half-way there!

2. Go for a walk. I like to wander from one room to another often getting distracted by the television, the refrigerator or what the neighbors across the street are up to. Then I wonder where the last 3 hours went and why my computer screen is still a big ol' blank. 

3. Sit and bemoan my cursed fate at being a writer with nothing to say except when I have to verbally comment on everything that either makes me weep for mankind or laugh like a demented loon and in both cases is not fit to blog about in the first place.

4. Listen to music. However, this can be counter-productive to writing because I usually end up organizing (thanks Pinterest!) my iTunes playlist or I go looking for new music to download and I then I wonder why I don't exercise more because I have some pretty awesome workout music and then I feel like a lazy schlep with no oomph for writing at that moment.

5. Ask the husband for ideas. This can also be counter-productive because if I tell him I have nothing to say in a blog post he looks at me incredulously and says something smart-alecky like, You? You have something to say about everything. Or, I always said your head was empty. Thanks, Bill. Some help you are.

And that's how you beat blog posting writer's block.

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  1. These are some good ideas! I've recently started turning to Buzzfeed for inspiration too.