Wednesday, October 2, 2013

And no one questioned these before shipping them out and hanging them up in public?

We took Chris to a party type store to check out their selection of Halloween costumes. The actual costumes are in a back storeroom and they just hang pictures of the costumes on a wall. After looking around at the cute, the obscene and the silly I came across one that had me confused.
 #191 is Avengers Thor.
#D102 is the Joker.
#192 is trans-comic.

Tired of being an evil bad guy, the Joker, a DC Comics villain, secretly wishes to be a Marvel Comics super-hero/demi-god.

The Joker decided to go as Thor for Halloween.

This one made my head hurt. Is this a red-neck version of an alien? Only if yer fixin' to be one o' them thar extra terrestrils for Halloween.

Redneck E.T.


  1. I'm going to spell it Extra Terrestril from now on!

    'Ever watch Ancient Aliens? I absolutely love the way that guy with the hair says "exsa-teresrials".

    1. Lol! It certainly is easier to spell. I don't believe I have ever watched that show but I'll be sure to check it out.